Amplify the voice of employees with ActiveSurvey. 

Tailor-made questionnaires, the way you want them. Always in your own brand style and safely stored: ActiveSurvey.

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The key features of ActiveSurvey

  • Clear and very user-friendly
  • Applied brand style
  • Various answer options
  • Real time answer insight
  • Manage multiple lists simultaneously

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More engaged employees

Employees return to their learning page more often because they can see their progress and their efforts are valued by means of company badges.

Less administration

Ease of use and many reporting options help you to save time for more important things.

More know-how

It sounds logical and it is true. With the right training or courses, the knowledge level of your organization will increase.

Frequent renewal

Because we are constantly working on improvements and innovations, you always have the latest solution.

Realize your goals

By offering the right training courses, it is possible to use talent more effectively. This makes it easier to achieve collective goals.

Better insight, substantiated decisions

Get a better insight into the achieved training results. This allows you to make informed (HR) decisions.

Get started with ActiveSurvey

  • We plan a demo together
  • We discuss your individual needs & wants
  • We create the planning and quotation
  • We organize a virtual kick-off with involved departments
  • Then we test the application again
  • We discuss how you can communicate the new tool within your organization
  • Together we decide who will be your first user group
  • We train all involved administrators
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